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The New Experience in Blondes - Backstage Commerce

Posted on Nov 21, 2017

Lightening is the service that gives the colorist freedom of expression at its most authentic. Create and recreate with multiple techniques which bring out the professionals’ skill, creativity and imagination.

k.blonde is the lightening system from Lakmé which allows a complete change of image, with spectacular results and with extreme care of the hair fibers.

Creativity without limits

k.blonde puts in the hands of the colorist the most versatile and functional tools to unleash their imagination and creativity. k.blonde lets you create more glamorous and desirable cool blondes.

Create a revealing makeover or play with multiple techniques to achieve colors with a very different and special feel, and create spectacular, personalized blondes.

k.blonde Compact bleaching powder-cream. Bleaching in highly-active compact powder- cream. Its homogeneous and stable non-volatile formula prevents powder from forming during mixing. Highly active bleaching agents which achieve greater lightening while respecting the hair fibers.

k.blonde Bleaching cream ammonia free. Ammonia free bleaching cream, low in persulfates. To achieve personalized, unique and more creative blondes with maximum safety and comfort. Excellent cosmetic properties. Dermatologically tested.

k.blonde Bleaching clay. Bleaching clay to create the most on-trend and creative looks. Soft, clayey and consistent texture. Dries rapidly on the hair, does not stain. Allows any free technique to be applied.

k.blonde Toners. Ammonia free toning cream for blonde and bleached hair. Neutralizes unwanted yellow highlights to achieve perfect, luminous, shiny blonde hair.

At Lakmé, creating blondes means creating perfect blondes, real blondes, glamorous blondes. The challenge is to treat hair delicately during the process of achieving that dream blonde.