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Mekka Team Sign On To Lead Education For Backstage Commerce Inc. - Backstage Commerce

Posted on Jul 17, 2019


Montreal, CANADA— July 12, 2019— Backstage Commerce Inc is proud to announce that the Mekka Systems Team, led by Kathy Simon, have signed on to lead education for BSC with a focus on Lakmé Hair Color.  The Mekka Team’s mandate will start August 1st, 2019. They will be available to our distributors in support of BSC brands upon request for all future education, seminars and shows.


 “Its official, the Mekka Systems Team lead by Kathy Simon is part of the BSC, Inc team. We are so thrilled to be working with some of the best stylist. We are all going to have so much fun, I love it! – Jonathan Morello, President of Backstage Commerce Inc. (BSC Inc.)

 “We are really excited to be joining the BSC team. Having worked with some of the top brands in my 25+ years in the industry, Lakme, matches, if not surpasses the major color lines. Lakme color has fantastic shine and vibrancy; the pigments have great strength and are true to swatch. It is as high quality as we have ever experienced down to their production principals; their consistency and attention to detail are superb.” – Kathy Simon, Creator and Developer of the Mekka System.


About The Mekka System

The Mekka System of Education is a fresh and innovative approach to teaching the art and science of structural hair design. Incorporating an understanding of the timeless principles of geometry with the knowledge of how to apply these principles, the Mekka System teaches artists how to design and create haircuts and colors placement that work with the unique architecture of an individual’s head shape.


About Kathy Simon

Kathy Simon is the Creator and Developer of the Mekka System of Education. Kathy has been in the hair industry for almost 30 years. She is the creator and developer of the Mekka System of Education. Since 1997, her system has impacted the lives of hundreds of hair professionals and has helped students raise their professional and technical standards. Kathy is the owner and the Artistic director of the Montréal’s Mekka Education Studio established in June 2013, where she teaches the various Mekka programs to students visiting from across North America. She also leads and develops the Mekka Artist team who all travels to promote the Mekka system throughout North America at countless seminars and shows.


About Backstage Commerce Inc

Backstage Commerce is a Canadian based importer and manufacturer of professional hair beauty products, operating in global markets. Always striving to be first to market with differentiating innovative solutions, BSC sources the most cutting edge answers from suppliers ahead of the curve. Reaching out to over a million stylists in North America alone through a network of established distributers, BSC’s team boasts collectively over 65 years of experience in the professional beauty industry, thus appreciating the creativity and artistry of their end user, the stylist, to better serve them and their needs.‎