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Salon Club Announces Official Sponsorship of Canadian Cosmetology Teams (CCT)

Posted on Sep 13, 2016

Salon Club™ is proud to announce its official sponsorship of the Canadian Cosmetology Teams (CCT).

Congratulations to our CCT winners at this year’s OMC HAIRWORLD World Cup 2017 competitions in Paris, France!


“The Canadian competitors train for months prior to any event, especially a world event, as competition at the OMC HAIRWORLD will be fierce. When the world comes together to compete, they bring the best of the best – the cream of the crop.

Countries from all over the world will be in participating to in managing, training, coaching, and molding their best talent to represent their country at the World Level. The individual competitors work together to produce the strongest results, support is vital.

Competitions allow artists to push their creativity. Being surrounded by so much talent and skill really heightens ones relationship with their art.

Winning implies that you are the master of your craft. For that reason, winning is the ultimate goal, it elevates the individual competitor, their salon & brand worldwide.

 “Joining the Club is just the beginning” that is the Salon Club slogan. However the support we’ve received from of joining with Salon Club is an amazing for the CCT. Providing an excellent opportunity for the teams to enhance their ability, creativity and work with a collection of high quality sundries and that will help them succeed on their path to the World Podium. We look forward to working with the many quality products that Salon Club has provided.”

Kelly Kalmbach, CCT General Manager






Joining the club is just the beginning!

SALON CLUB is a collection of high quality sundries and accessories offered to all salon and spa professionals at very competitive pricing. To the benefit of the most committed clients, there is also a SALON CLUB Membership Program, in which its members can access even further discounts and preferred pricing on top of the already everyday low pricing only SALON CLUB can offer.


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