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BSC INC. partners with Netherland’s latest line for Gents only – The Barberstation - Backstage Commerce

Posted on Jul 14, 2017

We are excited to announce that BSC Inc will officially be the exclusive North American importer of Barberstation, an edgy grooming line for men.

Barberstation opened their first barbershop in Nijmegen, Holland in 2013. They have since grown to become the biggest old school barbershop in Holland; now managing 3 barbershops, a Barber Academy and a full grooming products line. The brand was recently awarded the Kapper Keten Best Barber/Hairdressers Chain Company of the Netherlands, an award that demonstrates the appreciation of both the industry and the Dutch consumers of their eclectic style.

“Being an old school barbershop means that we master the craftmanship to create perfect classic haircuts, like the pompadour, the executive contour, the slickback, flattop, cuts like that. We only do classic haircuts that have survived the ravages of time, we don’t do trendy fashion haircuts. We do our own thing and we do it damn well if I may say so! We are not into fashion but we are into style and class, with a little raw rock ‘n roll edge. A style for real gentlemen and guys with attitude.”

Jean van Rossum, founder of Barberstation

We are confident that their intricate craftsmanship and inspired vision will speak to many North American men, and are looking forward to a great partnership.

Get to know the Barberstation team by following the links below: