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Selfie Tan’n Go

Do you want a gorgeous tan without the risks of sun damage? Selfie® Self-Tanning Lotions, Sprays and Mousse give you a healthy looking, sun-kissed glow while Selfie® instant bronzing products offer a flawless radiance that not only looks natural, but is sexy, too.

Our easy-to-apply sunless self-tanners and instant bronzing products means you’ll say goodbye to blotches, streaks and orangey tones and “Hello” to the perfect tan.

Designed for all skin types and tones, Selfie® products develop gradually over time, providing a long-lasting, natural color that fades like a real suntan as your skin naturally produces new cells. All products are paraben free, non-greasy and formulated with the highest quality active ingredients and our patent-pending fresh and clean fragrance technology to ensure you achieve the most natural looking tan.

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