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Introducing PEGASUS® combs with 100°/o hard rubber + FLEXINITE technology, so yo can STYLE WITHOUT FEAR.

The future is here. And here’s why you have to upgrade right away.

When using styling tools, the heat generated makes hair cuticles sensitive. And when this hair passes through a rigid teeth regular/ carbon comb, it scrapes and breaks. Similarly. the protective layer of expensive hair treatments scrape away due to the rigidity of regular combs. Introducing FLEXINITE. Technology that is sensitive to changing temperatures. When used with hair tools, its flexible teeth smoothly glides through hair cuticles with minimal to zero hair damage! Once the hair cools down. the teeth regain their original shape making it easy to use during styling, cutting or combing wet hair.

Lightweight, flexible, washable, incredibly strong and available in a variety of colours. Flexinite is the hair tool technology you must have.

Created after years of R&D by PEGASUS®. we continue to take on new challenges. with our team constantly innovating and collaborating with product designers and experts. Our FLEXINITE technology in hair tools will push boundaries and defy obstacles every day by allowing consumers, professionals and hair products to STYLE WITHOUT FEAR.