Y.S. Park Flex Carbon Comb

Very Flexible!
Best For A Quick And Rough Cut

1. The Ergonamic Design Featuring The Unique Handle Offers Total Comfort And Control.
2. Narrowed Tips Of The Teeth Allows You To Cut Easily And Effortlessly.
3. The Rounded Gaps Between The Teeth Creates A More Natural Cut.
4. The Flex Carbon Comb Is Optimal For 90 Degree Angle Cutting Due To The Square Shape Of The Teeth.
5. Elongated Recesses At The Base Of The Teeth Help Guide Short Hairs During The Combing. Thus, You Can Precisely Cut Even The Shortest Hairs.
6. Super Flexible Plastic Is Gentle On The Scalp, While The Strong Teeth Still Make Combing The Hair Easy.
7. Texturized Plastic Gives A Natural Soft Touch Similar To The Feeling Of Natural Leather.
8. Use The Rounded End Of The Comb To Determine The Weight Line Of The Head.

UNIT COLOR: Black, White
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