Y.S. Park Carbon Tail Comb

Optimal For Quick And Presice Parting Of The Hair.
Do Not Waste Time Parting The Hair, Use The Y.S. Carbon Tail Comb To Quickly Part Your Hair So You Can Go Straight To Styling!
1) Thanks To The Double Layered Hand Grip The Carbon Tail Comb Will Not Slip Out Of Your Hands.
2) Texturized Plastic Gives A Natural Soft Touch Similar To The Feeling Of Natural Leather.
3) The Top Tooth Is Shortened To Make Parting The Hair Easier.
4) Becasue The Base Of The Teeth Is Square Shaped, The Hair Can Be Combed Through Easily Without Causing It To Get Stuck Or Pulled.
5) The Teeth Of The Comb Are More Tighly Spaced Than Any Other Combs On The Market While Still Allowing You To Comb Through Hair Smoothly.
6) In Order To Provide Tension Every Second Tooth Is Spaced 0.01 Mm Closer.
7) Due To The Holes, The Comb Is Flexible Enough To Not Cause Any Harm To The Scalp Or Hair.
8) Made Of A Super-Plastic “Imido” Which Will Prevent Chemical Serivices From Penetrating And Damaging The Comb.
9) Ys Park Uses An Extremely Durable Plastic Which Will Not Melt Or Damage Due To High Heat Or Friction.

UNIT COLOR: Black, White, Grey, CM
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