Foot Expertise Capillary Plus – 150Ml

Capillary PLUS fatigue-relieving cream for feet, ankles, legs. A quickly-absorbed jelly cream for feet, ankles and legs, ideal to treat severe conditions of heaviness, swelling and tiredness due to excess weight, pregnancy, long-haul flights, strong heat, heavy sporting activities. Excellent for geriatric legs and feet suffering from thin epidermis, capillary fragility and poor circulation, causing fluid retention in tissues. With AESCULUS HIPPOCASTANUM extract, rich in escin, with anti-inflammatory, vaso-constricting, vaso-protective and anti-edema properties, to improve micro-circulation, lymph-drainage and veins’ elasticity, effective against capillary fragility. XpertMoist® acts as a powerful humectant, providing an immediate relief: the feeling of tension fades and the skin immediately appears toned up, smooth, elastic and deeply moisturized. Ingredients: XpertMoist® (Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract + Proline + Alanine + Serine) | Aesculus Hippocastanum Extract. Approved by your skin: Free from PARABENS | SLS/SLES | SILICONS | ALCOHOL | COLOURING AGENTS.Suitable for all foot skin types, also for skins affected by diabetes and dermatitis.